Bible Actors Mission

'Go into the entire world and preach the gospel to all creation.'

–Jesus Christ [Mark 16:15]

In the summer of 1998 Bible Actors Productions performed its first original theater production. ...Yes, back in those days Bible Actors consisted of fourteen kids, a few cardboard walls, and a tape recorder. But we didn’t let that stop us!

Today Bible Actors Productons celebrates fifteen years and the completion of fourteen full length productions! We are constantly growing in the areas of writing, acting, dance, music, and film. 


Since the days of Jesus’ eartihly ministry, many people have lived and died to spread the message of hope that is found in the Bible. Jesus commissioned his followers to tell the whole world the story of God. We must continue that mission. It is our duty to open people’s eyes to who God truly is, to speak of His justice and mercy, and make known His plan of salvation through the One Mediator, Jesus Christ.


Bible Actors Productions is a team of young adults who have dedicated their lives to taking on that mission. Our purpose is to take the message of Christ to all who will hear it, to speak the truth with boldness, and let the love of God change the hearts of our audiences.


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