History - Making HIM Known Since 1998


In 1998, at age fourteen, Daniel A. Hancock started a drama club called Bible Actors Productions. He and thirteen of his friends and siblings (between the ages of five and fifteen) rehearsed all summer to put on their first production. ‘The Battle’ was the story of how Jesus came to conquer sin and death and offer us salvation. Written, produced, and performed by the young actors, their first production was a success and Bible Actors began to fulfill its purpose.


By the summer of 1999, Bible Actors cast had more than doubled. The quality of the productions increased and an uncompromising message of redemption began to emerge from the production scripts and the lives of those involved.


After the DVD release of DreamWorks animated epic ‘The Prince of Egypt’, Director Daniel Hancock sought permission to adapt the film into a stage play for the up-and-coming Bible Actors. In the summer of 2000, DreamWorks gave Bible Actors permission to not only adapt the screenplay but to use the musical score, video clips, and marketing images to enhance the performance quality. With the talents of the cast and crew and creative special effects, Bible Actors presented a story of the God of Wonders that was entertaining and powerful.


As the young Bible Actors grew, so did Bible Actors Productions. In 2001 Director Daniel Hancock undertook writing a stage adaption of Elizabeth George Speare’s ‘The Bronze Bow’. In order to present the story honestly, the Bible Actors developed Makeshift Studios, a department that created film clips that coincided with the live stage production. The production was a perfect choice for the rapidly growing team. With a forty person cast, an intense, cutting edge soundtrack, and riveting performance by Jacob Hancock as Daniel bar Jamin, and Keegan Guyer as Jesus bar Joseph, Bible Actors Productions delivered the life-changing message… “The only thing stronger than hate…is love.”


In February of 2003, Bible Actors Productions premiered their original human video ‘The Mediator’ at a local youth group in Lansing. The response was incredible. Since then the seven minute presentation of the gospel, performed to Kutless' hit ‘Your Touch’ has been performed over 60 times.


The drama paints a clear picture of the barrier of sin that separates God and Man and explains, without words, that Jesus sacrificed himself to bridge that gap and bring us back to our Creator.

'For there is only one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and man, He is the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom for all.'  -1 Timothy 2:5


Bible Actors toured with The Mediator throughout 2003, as well as inside their ‘Passionate Tour’ in 2004. It has been performed by several overseas missions teams and is still revived regularly by the Bible Actors allowing many thousands of people to hear the message of God’s justice, love and forgiveness.

2008-2010 Cast: Ryan Sobleskey, Rich Freeland, and Kevin VanDerhoof


In May of 2008 Bible Actors state-wide tour of ‘Your Kingdom Come’ came to a close with a live film shoot! With thirteen live performances throughout Michigan and quality DVD on the way this production will not be easily forgotten.

The story in ‘Kingdom’ is that of an immortal Prince and the redemption of his bride. With powerful symbolism the production is a very clear reflection of Christ and his bride, the church. The gospel message is strongly expressed as the Prince sheds his immortality in order to battle the Dragon of Death and save his bride from certain death.

Ultimately the production is a call to repentance for all people, as well as an unforgettable reminder of the love that Christ has for us, that while we were yet sinners He died for us. With intriguing characters, beautiful costumes, and inspiring dialogue, Your Kingdom Come is an entertaining and eye opening experience for all audiences.


In December of 2008 Bible Actors 2005 adaption of Charles Dickens

‘A Christmas Carol’ returned to the stage for a packed out five show tour!

Bold elements found in Dickens original story carry a powerful and relevant message. Director, Daniel Hancock and Actor, Matthew Thomas create a heartbreaking…heartwarming perspective on Ebenezer Scrooge’s journey with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. VIEW TRAILER!

Creative music selections, brilliant period costumes, and unforgettable characters breathe new life into this beloved Christmas story.


In Search of the King...

In 2009-2010 Bible Actors Productions brought to life the classic story of THE OTHER WISEMAN. Director Daniel Hancock's original script was closely based on the 1896 short story by Henry Van Dyke with some new characters and extended chapters along the way! VIEW TRAILER!

The Bible Actors have several new productions in the making! Check out the all new audio drama END OF DARKNESS coming soon!











1998 Cast

In picture (from left): Daniel Hancock, Keegan Guyer, Jesse Foster, Andy Gillies, Eliza Hancock, Caleb Hancock, Stephen Johnson, James Kimmey, Jake Hancock, Jordan Kimmey, Jared Kimmey, Lisa (Frazee) Fields, Rivan Frazee, Rachel (Frazee) Dugan.




























The Passion

The Bible Actors portray the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the 1999 production of ‘The Passion of Jesus Christ.’


















1999 Cast

The 1999 Cast and Crew take a bow.












Prince of Egypt

Jared Kimmey (left) led the cast as Moses, along with Jacob Hancock as Ramses, and Stephen Johnson as Pharaoh. Eliza Hancock (right) plays a Hebrew slave oppressed by Egyptian soldiers in the opening number ‘Deliver Us’.


























The Bronze Bow

Rachel (Frazee) Dugan and Caleb Hancock on the film set for ‘Daniel’s Story’ video clip for ‘The Bronze Bow’.































2001 Cast

The Director and Cast backstage two minutes to curtain. Almost ready to go.




Jacob Hancock (as God), Dominik Lampman (as Jesus) and Jordan Kimmey (as Adam) were the original cast for The Mediator.



The 2004 Passionate Tour included live worship and musical performances, as well as original poetry and dramatic presentations that creativly surrounded The Mediator.













































Kingdom of Parables

From Left: Chad Zumbaugh, Matthew Thomas, Daniel Hancock, and Laurie Freeland portray immortal Kings and soldiers of justice.


Vanessa Hancock in Make Up for ‘Your Kingdom Come’.







Serpants of Old

Left: Rich Freeland, Brent Langenberg, and Lisa (Frazee) Fields plot a dark rebellion.

Brent Langenberg,

Rebekah Richards, and

Kevin VanDerhoof rehearse the final fight sequence.

















Love as Strong as Death

Prince Callum (Matthew Thomas) pledges his love to Leivia (Rachel Dugan) in the face of her trechery.

2008 Cast

Rich Freeland, Steve Baker, Brent Langenberg, Lisa (Frazee) Fields, Jason Kuepfer, Rebekah (Richards) VanDerhoof, Vanessa Hancock, Kevin VanDerhoof, Jennifer Zumbaugh, Matthew Thomas, Rachel Dugan, Daniel Hancock, Chad Zumbaugh, Laura Richards, Laurie Freeland, Ann (Rhodes) Kuepfer. Not seen: Sarah (Rhodes) Arritt and John Link).
















We Have Much To See

Matthew Thomas leads the cast as Ebenezer Scrooge while Rebecca Mangopoulos shines as The Ghost of Christmas Past.

Jacob Marley's Ghost (Rich Freeland) warns Scrooge from the grave.


Elizabeth Dumont and Miguel Sanchez portray Young Ebenezer and Young Fan.




When the Bell Tolls

The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future pose for a final photo shoot.

Rich & Laurie Freeland, Christine Landers, Kirsten Smith, Jasan Boles Jr., and Nathan Boles make an excelent Cratchit family.




Fezziwigs Wearhouse

The Cast from Scrooges past create the world of 1820 London.












Richard Freeland (Aidan the Nemrott, Bob Cratchit) led the cast as Artaban, the other wiseman, who sets out on a quest to follow the Christmas star to the birthplace of the King of kings. Matthew Thomas (Prince Callum, Ebenezer Scrooge) costared as Orantes, Artaban's reluctant servant.




The production also featured the talents of  Joshua Hartley, Ethan Sims and Rebekah (Richards) VanDerhoof, with many other colorful performances in this intriguing legend that begins in the Mountains of Persia, explores the far reaches of the known world, and searches the innermost thoughts of the heart of man.



Director Daniel Hancock with actors Matthew Thomas and Richard Freeland Nov. 2009.