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Jesus of Nazareth recruits an unlikely group of disciples to join him in confronting spiritual darkness and launching the kingdom of God on earth. But hopes are shattered when he is falsely tried and executed. Will light yet shine in the darkness?

Faithful to the Biblical text and dedicated to excellence in storytelling, the Bible Actors deliver a bold rendition of the Gospel narrative. With a full cast of 50 voice actors, immersive sound effects, an original score, and unforgettable performances, END OF DARKNESS is a powerful, one-of-a-kind dramatic experience you don’t want to miss!

Now available for digital download and as a Limited Edition 3-Disc Set including a 24 page Visual Companion booklet! [Runtime 213 minutes]


Listen to a sample scene:


Bible Actors’ END OF DARKNESS is now available as a Limited Edition 3-Disc Set including a 24 page Visual Companion booklet!

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“Phenomenal!” “Fantastic!” “Epic!” “It gave me chills!”

“Listening to ‘End of Darkness’ was a brilliant experience! It reminded me of many of the action based radio shows I’ve listened to over the years—engaging from the beginning. The character’s were well cast too, and the script was nicely formatted for streaming a Bible drama of this magnitude. I specifically loved the scene where Jesus clears the temple. Great work all around.”

Jerry Della Salla
(Co Star, Green Zone w/Matt Damon)

“‘End of Darkness’ is quite an ambitious project. From the sound design and voice acting to the visual companion, you can tell a lot of hard work was invested in this production. Taking a look at the gospel story from several unique angles, this dramatic re-telling will certainly provoke thought in and bring inspiration to the listener. I found myself immersed in the story – feeling the sorrow of those who betrayed Christ, holding my breath at the crucifixion scenes, and grinning as the hope built to a climax at the end. Great job to everyone involved! I’d recommend this audio drama to anyone who wants a closer look at what those around Christ would have experienced during His time on earth.”

Jonathan Winstead
(DirectoR, THE shadow remake)

“Bravo! An amazing job on such a massive project. The sound design was great, it was clean, clear and crisp. The actors were really skilled and the music was high quality and appropriate. The overall writing was very good. I like the way it started with Genesis to set the foundation for the story. The conviction and crucifixion were intense for an audio drama. I personally appreciated it more than films like ‘Passion of the Christ’ because it allows your imagination to recreate the scene. It’s like Hitchcock or Shyamalan creating a monster, if you don’t see it, you create a more vivid image in your imagination. ‘End of Darkness’ allows my mind to further the story. Very solid to the end.”

Jacob Johnston
(Director/Co-Owner, Mirari Pictures)

“‘End of Darkness’ was a journey out of time and space with full immersion, gradually absorbing and dissolving me into itself… The amazing dynamic depth of the sound design can be compared to the distance from the lower and upper points of the Mariana Trench! This is a colossal work.”

“A wonderfully powerful experience that truly draws you in in a unique way, emphasizing the teachings of Jesus and staying true to the biblical text. My favorite parts were the Sermon on the Mount, and the temptation of Jesus. Truly powerful!”

“‘End of Darkness’ is fantastic. The layers of dramatization in the audio are vivid. There is such depth in the nuances of sound, from ambiance to music to the environment and voices. I’m listening with the family and we are enjoying it on Resurrection Day, the audio is so fitting for this day.”

“Very enlightening and fact based.. truthful.. honest!! I loved the whole CD, it was captivating and kept you wanting to listen as the story unfolded. I have listened several times and continue to get something new every time. Awesomely done…Very impressed. Bought some for gifts.”

“I like the personality and almost friendliness it makes you feel. A lot of times when we read the Bible it can feel inherently heavy. ‘End of Darkness’ makes you think about the friendships that they had.”

“Incredible rendition of the gospels. I’d like to comment on the audio of ‘End of Darkness’, the quality is high. The voice acting is believable, not over the top, nor cheesy. The audio is well paced and the plot is easy to follow. As an audio-medium, it places ambiance sounds to give contextual clues to settings. This is well worthy of a listen during a long car ride in which you want to expose your children to the gospels in a plot format. The liberties this takes with the text are minor, and will make a lasting impression on the hearer.”

END OF DARKNESS takes the intricate plot of the biblical record and presents it as a relatable, engaging story for all audiences. Whether you have read the Bible your whole life or have never opened one, whether you are seeking a more grounded faith for yourself or would like to bring the Gospel to life for your growing kids, this production is for YOU!

Bible Actors’ END OF DARKNESS is the Great Story told in a way that is profound and entertaining. Its cinematic pacing and immersive sound design captivate the imagination! An excellent addition to your library and the perfect gift to share with family and friends! 

“The people who live in darkness will see a great light; in the land where death casts its shadow, a light has shined.” -Isaiah 9:2



On Easter weekend 2020, while the shockwaves of co>id isolated many in their homes, the Bible Actors called in from all around the country to celebrate the livestream premiere of their full cast audio drama, END OF DARKNESS! Join the cast and crew as they recount the making-of and share their thoughts on this powerful story!

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