"The people who live in darkness will see a Great Light…in the land where death casts its shadow, a light has shined." -Isaiah 9:2

Jacob Hancock

as Jesus

Josh Hartley

as Cleopas

Maina Gachugu

as Simon of Cyrene

Jennifer Curtiss

as Mary Magdalene

Matthew Ramon Thomas

as Peter

JT Delaney

as Andrew

Jason M. Kuepfer

as James

Caleb Hancock

as John

Ryan Sobleskey

as Matthew

Rich Freeland

as Thomas

Ethan Sims

as Judas

Levi Arritt

as Nicodemus

Stephen Loomis

as Lazarus

Ann Kuepfer

as Martha

Vanessa Hancock

as Mariam

Shannon Hancock

as the Mother of Jesus

Brent Langenberg

as Issachar, the Pharisee

John Hattrem

as Zadok, the Pharisee

Kevin Chang

as Pontius Pilate

Jasan Boles

as the Centurion

Daniel A. Hancock

as John the Baptist

Thomas Sims

as the Possessed Boy

Stephen Rhodes

as the Boy's Father


Josiah Robbe

as Asher, the Lame Man


Miguel Sanchez

as Rueben, his brother


Rebekah VanDerhoof

as Naomi, his sister


Richard Cooper

as the Cleansed Leper


Jeremiah Crockett

and Caleb Pomales

as the Blind Men